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  1. 4th gen tranny
  2. Rust on rear quarters on 5G avoidable?
  3. Skunk2 chip for h22?
  4. tires for sale
  5. Hood shakes badly on interstate
  6. Figured out why my car was losing power after 6500 rpms!
  7. How to remove VSS(vehicle speed sensor) from JDM H22A manual??
  8. Fuel Rails and Regulators?
  9. So i got my car back ...
  10. clutch change....need help
  11. Sealant for headlights?
  12. 4ws sway bars
  13. Many Engine Problems someone PLZ Help!
  14. WRECKED 93' Honda Prelude SRV VTEC
  15. SS Tranny: Is it worth fixing???
  16. changing timing belt crankshaft pully bolt
  17. VSS problems JDM 92 vtec
  18. i know u guys probally tired of seeing my car...
  19. New rear Bumper
  20. gauge face install instructions
  21. Engine Swap Advice Needed
  22. MUGEN front bumper issue
  23. Orlando Prelude meet AFTERMATH
  24. 5th gen Camber problem/issue, Help!!!
  25. what size of tires...what presure?
  26. where to buy a good h22 longblock?
  27. 4th gen JDM Headlights
  28. ordered my shocks/springs
  29. ordered my camber kit.....Skunk2
  30. Question about Forged internals.
  31. Quick question about flushing radiator.
  32. "Aluminum" Shift trim ring mod. *pics*
  33. wierd sound when starting up
  34. Prelude Firing Order
  35. Lude wire harness and question bout trannies
  36. my intake is no longer that scratched up bling blingin ebay special!!!
  37. Someone Please help (No Oil Pressure) Turbo Prelude
  38. New Plugs
  39. dc sports
  40. Preludes need change holders
  41. Will I need to gap my NGK V-Powers before I install them?
  42. Honda Genuine MTF or GM Synchromesh?
  43. High pitch sound when pulling away under load
  44. i need a some info on 5th gen intakes
  45. lights problem- need help
  46. Tranny gave up on me =( *pics*
  47. ATTS for those of you non believers
  48. h22/h23 frankenstein common problems
  49. where to mount tachometer?
  50. Pics of head for GE block finally as promised!
  51. gurgeling again, wierd it wnet away but now its tensioner?
  52. How do I adjust the e-brake on my 5th gen?
  53. How do I increase the point at which my engine redlines?
  54. Fixing T/O bearing - What else should I do?
  55. opinion on wheels for me!
  56. Need Mod Ideas
  57. Good Body Shop Arlington (DFW) TX
  58. Aftermarket 5g headlights
  59. Chrome Strips?
  60. check it out
  61. Anyone in close to Greensboro N.C. there is a show this weekend with free drag racing
  62. Choose the Exhaust on my Car
  63. Stock h22 block redline
  64. Does anyone know where to get an S2000 lookalike shift knob for a Prelude?
  65. people in orlando/kissimme/central florida....
  66. Check out this DIY coolant flush kit I found!
  67. Some updates on my Lude
  68. what are some write ups that you guys would like to see added to the FAQ
  69. OEM PCV Valve Breather. Exspensive...
  70. 96 prelude S minime swap?
  71. Poll: 4g, Front lip or Front Bumper
  72. pics of my new rims as promised....
  73. Jdm one piece headlights accessories?
  74. oil pan problem.
  75. what happened to that RWD prelude?
  76. Updated the Prelude tuning FAQ.
  77. Dont like getting your hands dirty. Got the perfect solution / tip.
  78. Orlando prelude meet OCT 16th Final
  79. just got some rims....
  80. Installed new brake pads a few weeks ago and now am seeing a black powder?
  81. Apex-i vs. Buddy Club
  82. i think im losing the urge
  83. custom cold air?
  84. Someone backed up into my lude
  85. I got a brand new headlight..
  86. Just did Seafoam and...
  87. How many fingers, is your gap.
  88. Are motor mounts needed when doing a H23A1 to H22A swap?
  89. Injo mounts
  90. Universal O2 Sensor problems
  91. I'm planning on hosting a winter Prelude meet
  92. Oh my god..what is happening!
  93. h23 obx intake mani!
  94. OBX has cams for the h22?
  95. Honda Cap & Rotor or AfterMarket.
  96. Car hesitates to start???
  97. Car wont start ????
  98. Buying Guide 92 - 96 Prelude
  99. why won't ludespeed's website show up on my computer?
  100. sea foam similar?
  101. Where to Purchase lude body kits?
  102. CEL code #21... i know what it is but how did you fix it?
  103. Megan header install and review-check it out.
  104. muffler change catback to stock..
  105. Speed sensor wire location on ECU
  106. what happens to old motors after swaps?
  107. failed smog....plz help
  108. Congratulations PreludeRacer023 - New Prelude Moderator.
  109. Taking a trip to the dealership...
  110. Should I go turbo?
  111. Difference in Prelude Coupe and Type SH
  112. Tranny Fluids
  113. why my post get deleted?
  114. accord lips for sale
  115. Thinkin about a prelude
  116. H22A: The oil testing has begun.
  117. Exel h60 gunmetal wheels for sale
  118. 4g stuff for sale
  119. Need buying Help
  120. FS: 4th gen parts
  121. need help on a buy
  122. Experiences, part # ?'s on engine build!
  123. Car Meet Red Robin Neshaminy
  124. Motor cooling down during driving.
  125. accord sideskirts?
  126. Me @ Gateway Int Raceway *vid & pics*
  127. Oil treatment product prior to changing?
  128. Cam gear settings with a turbo h22
  129. Its happening again: crappy subject titles.
  130. lighter wheels on 1 side
  131. Should I buy it - 2001 Turbo Lude.
  132. Indiglo / reverse indiglo gauge for Prelude advice
  133. 95 Si........ bought new....... DIED tonight :( Distributor????
  134. Engine trouble, need advice
  135. RRRAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  136. oil pressure problem: mostly fixed :tu
  137. Looking to buy a 3g lude for my
  138. o2 sensor wires on 98 prelude
  140. What is the best bulb for 97 prelude??
  141. 4th gen clutch
  142. Tires Wore out Quickly
  143. Ge block gets head next week
  144. What size injectors should be used to make a ride optimal?
  145. Which plugs for faster starting/smooth running
  146. AEM V2 vs. APEXI Power Intake
  148. 4 Sale: Prelude Parts....make offers
  149. Withdrawal
  150. This mechanic is fucking bullshitting me...
  152. UK PRELUDE 2.2 VTEC 4WS
  153. going in for my dyno tuning tomorrow
  154. Englishtown red prelude sh turbo 11.1 bullshit or possible????
  155. Turn signal failure
  156. 3rd gen vtec conversion????????
  157. vtec engagement after tach install
  158. Squeaky noise...
  159. Im back
  160. 14" Tires
  161. 4th gen one piece lights
  162. found a cool 4th gen on ebay
  163. Prelude Brake Pads
  164. Wierd noise
  165. H22a cylinder head compatability?
  166. might get an 01 type SH
  167. Viper alarm system
  168. 97 Prelude: EGR Valve Insufficient.
  169. Did anyone go to Englishtown yesterday?
  170. C'mon guys, ride of the month......
  171. Dude on made nice CF roof plug
  172. Couple Updates Pics
  173. Accord front lip on Prelude
  174. New Suspension Installed - Tokico
  175. Selling your engine...
  176. Down Pipe/Cat Gasket
  177. October Prelude of the month: Comments and Questions.
  179. center-mount exhaust?
  180. Finished my second set of Projectors
  181. IX Iridium Impressions
  182. Who Makes this 5th Gen Lip?
  183. GT4 prelude lookin good
  184. Driver axle locked up
  185. get an R34 instead of converting lude into it...
  186. Why install a test pipe?
  187. throttle body
  188. where can i learn what phrases like " double clutching" " Heel-toe" mean?
  189. Please Help Get my car running again!
  190. What tires to buy for 5th gen?
  191. New timing belt needed, what else?
  192. Mugen header?
  193. dyno results in... =\
  194. Alright guys is this a possibility? (Honda stupidity)
  195. RS*R Ex-Mag for Type-SH
  196. Engine swap info for VA/MD area
  197. What year legend calipers?
  198. stripped like caremen electra
  199. JDM climate control
  200. LED Dash Conversion- someone have a write-up maybe?
  201. My battery Died: Want new performance type.
  202. front tire replacment Q
  203. any 2nd gens here?
  204. what happened to ludespeed?
  205. Anybody seen/have this intake manifold?
  207. VA / DC / MD Prelude meet
  208. installation tips?
  209. Max HP ever achieved with H22A?
  210. So I got a valve adjustment today...
  211. help!!! need to pass smog but failed visual
  212. looking for urathane sideskirts to go with my greddy front lip
  213. [B]custom made nose and tail is it worth it[/B]
  214. H3c bulbs???
  215. H22 Sensor wiring question
  216. where can I find this bumper/lip?
  217. tach signal
  218. pics of my friend robs new ride !
  219. new honda owner
  220. If you had the choice to trade...
  221. junkyard parts
  222. FOR SALE: Dc sports exhaust.
  223. Japanese Prelude Sites...just for the heck of it
  224. replace rod bearings
  225. Clutch going to the floor, what the ****?
  226. Prelude Paint
  227. Tweaking & Tuning an Si?
  228. 88 SI Help Needed
  229. New 2 Super Honda
  230. H23 with H22***** head or just H22a1
  231. hey to fellow luders
  232. iat and iab sensor locations?
  233. Prelude 97-01 Body Kit Chicago/Champaign, IL
  234. OBX spark plug wires??
  235. How to install valve cover?
  236. Crystal Blue Metallic Lude???
  237. need some help...
  238. wiring for H22A engines
  239. WTB: 92-96 Prelude STOCK Intake! Will trade AEM for it!
  240. No a/c and no p/s for Hp Increase? Is that true or not worth it?
  241. LUDEHAWK Part Out Thread
  242. WTF! Manual shift knob removal problem...
  243. Dan Paramore Racing?
  244. wire to nowhere??,(pics)
  245. prelude + rotary engine
  246. high flow cat w/ flanges
  247. Possible injector problem?
  248. HELP... tranny problems..
  249. header
  250. Question: Hi-Flow Cat & RS*R exhaust setup