Carbon Cleaner / Treatment
 How to remove carbon from your motor
(aka the black soot)

Updated: 09/06/2004


Carbon Cleaner Treatment:

This is a standard maintenance cleaning that Honda does on vehicles. Its normally called a carbon treatment / top-end treatment. Its a great way to help clean the carbon & gunk from inside your motor. It goes all the way through the intake manifold to the exhaust. Cleaning valves , ports and more on the way. This treatment will usually run you $50 dollars at Honda or other shops. (We highly recommend Honda as they will be more likely to do it right)

You can do this at home for $5 dollars. The only problem is finding the product to do this. There are quite a few of them out , but the problem is people get confused about what your asking. The one product that I found years ago that works great is SeaFoam. You can find it at Napa Autoparts. This product resembles and performs exactly like Honda's carbon service. You can maybe try other places / products , but just make sure its meant to go in the intake manifold & will remove carbon.


Follow these simple directions.


1. First, Make sure to use the whole can.
2. You will be using this on two sides of the intake manifold.
3. It might be easier to work with the cleaner if you pour it into a small cup.
4. Perform this on a warm engine.
5. When revving the car make sure your in a well ventilated open area.
6. Do not use on motors with over 150k on them.


1. Disconnect one of the hoses leading to the intake manifold, towards the throttle body or directly into the throttle body if you can easily do that.
2. Use a little more than half of the can on the first side.
3. Have someone throttling the car when it needs it , and just keep giving it gulps of the stuff. (get the tube into the liquid) If you have the correct part or tubing setup so you can just flow in the right amount the whole time...then you already know what to do. If not just watch it and try to get it in there efficiently, but don't take forever.
4. Now pull a hose towards the middle / rear of the intake manifold. This will now get more liquid to the other side of the motor.
(the main concern is that your not just dumping it all on one side , as the liquid will not be acting the same as air.)
5. Once its about all used, dump in enough to shut off the motor, then wait for 5 minutes.
6. Now restart car , and rev the motor. Going for a drive wont really allow for what you need to do safely. High Revving and quick WOT (Wide Open Throttle) depresses. Then letting the car settle some , then quick presses. Change it up make it a little random. This should get the engine to rock back and forth a bit. This also helps shake things out a bit.
7. Then turn car off, Reset your ECU and your ready to go.

- Happy Motoring.

SeaFoam Information
provided by seafoam

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