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  1. Jane Child meets CRX

    Jane Child.. a gerat 80's pop band, and my CRX's new JDM ZC engine, melded together forever
  2. Clearance issues

    NOT A LOT OF CLEARANCE HERE!, just 4 inches to the gorund, the suspension allows for less than 1/2 of travel
  3. glam shot

    my CRX is a CIVIC!
  4. CRX engine

    JDM ZC1 block, ZC2 OBD0 head, VA intake, Mugen header, Mugen 1655CC pistons (1.7L) Decked head, 13.2:1 CR, Extrude Hone Portflow head, cone bored TB, micropolished crank, Baffled oil pan, MSD wires and SCi ignition, HoseTech hoses, AEM cam gears, DHR pully, posted block - making 292hp

    a funny fitment issue pose
  6. Lowerd, SEXY

    lowered the CRX on custom carrera style CMR coilovers
21-26 of 26 Results