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  1. Washin the CRX

    KorkwiN washing his rex
  2. Pickin up the CRX

    When I picked up my rex from TN
  3. Mike's 1989 Honda Crx Si

    My Rex Fresh Out The Body Shop FOR SALE By The Way
  4. CRX SI

    CRX Project!!!
  5. CRX

    CRX Project!!!
  6. 05-27-06_14491

    5/26/06 The last photo of my CRX on the day we parted after 8 years together. Gone but not forgotten.
  7. mad hondas

    Honda vs Toyota round3 (nz)
  8. Autocross 09-11-05

    Autocross 09-11-05 in Salem, OR
  9. Autocross 09-11-05

    Autocross 09-11-05 in Salem, OR
  10. crx project

    a customer with a crx. I hate dual point.
  11. backside

  12. front view

    i loved this car
  13. Front shot

    It had a body kit when i got it, plan on getting rid of that hiddious front bumper soon as i find one i like...
  14. Inside door panels (driver)

    Just easy things.
  15. Interior painted

    Just a paint job nothing major, don't maid the tape, long story. pesky porkers
  16. On the ramps

    Just a lil' reg TLC, synthetics all round.
  17. Chillin

    2nd love.
  18. Sunset

    Heres my paint during a sunset...
1-20 of 58 Results