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  1. Del Sol Forum
    It has a d16y8 engine with around 70000 miles on it
  2. D-Series Tech
    Hey guys i am getting so confused on this engine swap mainly because of the wire harness. I got 2 honda civics one was a 98 EX with a D16Y8 automatic and the other was a 97 LX D16Y7 with a manual. From what i was seeing based on a lot of research was that i could just take the D16Y8 engine with...
  3. Want to Buy
    Im trying to surprise my brother for his birthday on the 21st. He just got a new cylinder head on Honda 96 civic dx. Ive since learned this one didnt come with a cam gear or bolts (and i need to get a gasket kit) if anyone could help with this please message me asap. Thanks yall!!
1-3 of 3 Results