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  1. D-Series Tech
    I have a 93 civic with a d15b7, but I want to swap the engine for a d16z6. I’m not going to track the car, I just want a fast, fun daily. I was wondering if the d16z6 would be a good choice. I’ve never done a engine swap, but I have done research on the topic. I would like to know what y’all...
  2. D-Series Tech
    Picked up a 93 del sol by the noise, it sounded like a timing jump. Got it apart timing was on point. Fixed all the codes, but only a 4 flash remains for crankshaft position sensor, so slapped in a new distributor and no change. Iam absolutely stumped. Has new idle valve and a new fitv...
  3. Alisia's 92 Honda civic SI

    This is my 92 Honda civic Si
1-3 of 3 Results