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  1. Del Sol Forum
    It has a d16y8 engine with around 70000 miles on it
  2. Supporting Vendor Sales
    1993 honda del sol just bought it ran died bought new distributor started is now dead again.. there is no spark I have no idea where to start looking besides distributor again. Anyhelp please
  3. Mine and my friends car

    I dont have the ricey monster tach anymore.
  4. del sol civic front4

    frontal view of newly painted silver del sol
  5. del sol civic front3

    side front view of newly painted silver del sol
  6. del sol civic front2

    side view of newly painted sol
  7. del sol

    heres my sol @ the beach
  8. The green arse

    This is when i first got my car back from the paint/body shop..i was SO excited..i havent seen my car for a good 4 months!
  9. Criminal Profile

    This is my car in front of my house...the HOUSE is for sale bytheway but not my ride! I know...stock wheels im sorry!!
  10. The Green Machine

    This is my Si Del Sol from the looks like a mean snake!
1-13 of 13 Results