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  1. Accord Forum
    Hello ! First I want to say that I am completely new to hondas in general. Im trying to research and learn as much as I can. I have always been a nissan and domestic muscle car guy. After hearing how fun honda cars can be i decided to get one. Its a 2002 accord coupe with a h23a blue top and...
  2. D-Series Tech
    I have a 93 civic with a d15b7, but I want to swap the engine for a d16z6. I’m not going to track the car, I just want a fast, fun daily. I was wondering if the d16z6 would be a good choice. I’ve never done a engine swap, but I have done research on the topic. I would like to know what y’all...
  3. Accord Forum
    Want to engine swap my 92 Accord Coupe, thinking of twin eco boost Borg Warner’s as it will be my daily. Which engine and transmission would be best to achieve this?
1-3 of 3 Results