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  1. Rev it up

    Took this picture of the engine native to the New Civic Si. Honestly didn't think this would turn out so cool with all the shadows and such
  2. IM shot

    shot of the stock IM before i replaced it
  3. Modified Engine Bay.

    Air intake, painted valve cover and exhaust manifold, big battary, custom grill, aftermarket driving lights(Not visible), and bosch spark plug wires.
  4. Prelude Banner

    Was just messing around and made a banner
  5. Engine

    you can see the intake and headers
  6. New Engine Bay 3

    New engine bay with new headers and freshly painted valve cover
  7. New Engine Bay

    Updated pics of my engine bay. i got bored ;-)
  8. 03_show_season_teg_engine

    an engine pic at staunton
1-9 of 9 Results