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  1. Honda Civic EX

    Honda Civic EX

    Honda Civic Sex
  2. Honda Civic EX

    Honda Civic EX

    My 98 Honda Civic
  3. under hood

    under hood

    a good look
  4. my trunk

    my trunk

    design it my self
  5. guages


    my pillar pod
  6. Can


    Megan Racing Exhuast
  7. my motor

    my motor

    after I moved the battery and moved the air filter
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  13. 1992 Accord Ex 4-Door

    1992 Accord Ex 4-Door

    Driver's side.
  14. Me and Tran - Five

    Me and Tran - Five

    In a parking lot in Charlotte, NC
  15. Me and Tran - Two

    Me and Tran - Two

    In a parking lot in Charlotte, NC
  16. Me and Tran - Six

    Me and Tran - Six

    In a parking lot in Charlotte, NC
  17. My Car

    My Car

    This is my Civic Ex 99 pretty stock, I just thought this was a cool shot to take with the leaves.
  18. My 5th Gen - Front2

    My 5th Gen - Front2

  19. My 5th Gen - Front1

    My 5th Gen - Front1