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  1. Accord Forum
    Did some work on the starter(just bought the car and making it my project I know it's filthy and I'm planning on extending the cold air intake down where the airbox is) Came across a connector that was just hanging and doesn't seem to go anywhere?? Any help finding where it does or doesn't go...
  2. Honda Civic EX

    My 98 Honda Civic
  3. Honda Civic EX

    Honda Civic Sex
  4. under hood

    a good look
  5. my trunk

    design it my self
  6. guages

    my pillar pod
  7. Can

    Megan Racing Exhuast
  8. my motor

    after I moved the battery and moved the air filter
  9. Me and Tran - Two

    In a parking lot in Charlotte, NC
  10. Me and Tran - Five

    In a parking lot in Charlotte, NC
  11. Me and Tran - Six

    In a parking lot in Charlotte, NC
  12. My Car

    This is my Civic Ex 99 pretty stock, I just thought this was a cool shot to take with the leaves.
1-20 of 20 Results