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  1. My EVO 9 Blue CD6 w/ JDM H22 swap

    theres a little man in the corner...
  2. side0

    Thats why I dont have a lip anymore.
  3. Low

    Thats why I dont have the lip anymore
  4. Mine and my friends car

    I dont have the ricey monster tach anymore.
  5. Front of car

    I have authentic CTR headligts and caps for the license plate holes. I dont have the lip anymore.
  6. front

  7. Front

  8. front

    front low pic of the scoobie
  9. Front w/ Pinstripes

    Another front view of my new pinstripes and removed DOHC VTEC stickers
  10. Front Pinstripes

    New pinstripes from front
1-11 of 11 Results