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  1. Fit


    16" Wheel option on the Honda Fit. Looks pretty damn good from this angle. Used a Canon Powershot A540.
  2. ADR SZ1 19

    ADR SZ1 19

  3. Good side

    Good side

  4. Side Profile

    Side Profile

  5. Low Pro Pic

    Low Pro Pic

  6. gunmetal 2

    gunmetal 2

    6/25- most recent pic of the lude. powdercoated advans, endless calipers, audi xenon projectors.
  7. gold rims

    gold rims

    new pic- powdercoated my advans GOLD!!
  8. cel attempt 2

    cel attempt 2

    my second attempt at cel art. came out way better than the first.
  9. gunmetal2


  10. gunmetal