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    I’ve recently bought this old civic (EK) and a H22A engine to swap the engine with and I was wondering if anybody knows what is the best ECU for this specific engine. The car didn’t bring its OE ecu and i’ve done some research and found that the p28 with a s300 chip (hondata) would be best but i...
  2. New Engine Bay

    New Engine Bay

    Updated pics of my engine bay. i got bored ;-)
  3. vafc so nice

    vafc so nice

    i love this thing!
  4. motor shot 2

    motor shot 2

  5. motor shot 1

    motor shot 1

    h22 power
  6. lude brick wall

    lude brick wall

    love this pic
  7. my silver lude

    my silver lude

    she's pretty
  8. H22_ITB_s_With_Carbon_Fiber_Velocity_Stacks_03


    ITB'd H22...fuckin Sick.