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  1. streets of korea

  2. subway

  3. inside sam sumg plaza mall in korea

    inside, korea
  4. PHO in korea?

    pho? eh? wth? in korea?
  5. CC

    one helluva dohnut shop soon be to open! damn..havn't had chrispy's creams in long ass time!
  6. book store + pizza house

    book store, office depot like store, Mr. Pizza, Jessica's hair solon
  7. Korea street

  8. McDonalds in Korea!

    yeah...the mac in korea
  9. Streets of Korea

    in Korea
  10. Streets of Korea

    Korea's streets, no building is ever un harmed from the sighs, at nights, it will hurt your eyes
  11. Roads of Korea

    Typical scenes i see every day in Korea
  12. Sam Sung Plaza Mall in Korea

    Sam Sung Plaza Mall in Korea, the basement of this mall is a subway station, Seohyun station K228 Bun Dang line.
  13. Side Walk in Korea

    one side for running/biking one side for walking, but fuck if i care, i walk on the green side, it's so much smoother :)
  14. School in Korea

    Elementary School In Korea. sadly, that's how they all took through out all 12 grades
1-16 of 16 Results