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  1. Photoshop of the Mitsu Eclipse Concept

    I made a few quick alterations in an effort to make the Eclipse concept appear marketable. Does it look better than the concept to you?
  2. red M3

    just a red M3 i captured on my way to school.
  3. chevy cobalt photoshop

    photoshop contest entry for chevy cobalt. used mazda 3 4dr front end, hand made tails, hand made intercooler, s2k wheels... and other stuff i forgot.
  4. toy f-150 animation

    this is an rc truck we're using for our senior project for electronics. i had originally taken 30 pics for this animation but i accidentally skipped one so it's 29 frames instead. this animation will be used in the powerpoint presentation of the project.
1-20 of 32 Results