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    a80 sample shot
  2. 2


    a80 sample shot
  3. 1


    a80 sample shot
  4. blingblingtC


    i got bored so i chopped some rims off an H2, stretched and spun them and put them on this car.
  5. scion tC animation

    scion tC animation

    i made this out of boredom for a scion board. well.. that and this may be my next car :p
  6. playing with shutter speed

    playing with shutter speed

  7. buildings along i4

    buildings along i4

  8. reflection


  9. 03 accord coupe post-chop

    03 accord coupe post-chop

    photoshopped honda accord
  10. cel civic sig

    cel civic sig

  11. cel attempt 2

    cel attempt 2

    my second attempt at cel art. came out way better than the first.
  12. my 2002 civic

    my 2002 civic

    Just washed it. I should be getting my rims and springs before the end of april. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!