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  1. My HF all rims matching

    See, I told yall I all my rims would match. Now to get rid of the gap.
  2. Driver Side Angle

    Yea I have had two different sets of rims on. I currently have all Snowflakes now, but it took me a while to locate another one.
  3. Front shot of HF

    This is a front shot of my HF. I got mad and stomped the hood when it would open one day. So that explains the missing "H" and the Dent.
  4. Closer Passenger Angle

    Closer passenger shotof my HF.
  5. Passenger Angle

    Angle Shot of my HF.
  6. Rear Shot

    I took this a night if it isn't obvious. Its a rear shot of my HF.
1-6 of 6 Results