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    Hi, I finally got to do a pull in my twin engine tube chassis Prelude the other day and it was scary and exciting at the same time. It has been a work in progress since 2009 and is still not done yet, but is finally running! Check out the video. The test drive starts at 2:12.
  2. Prelude Forum
    I just got a 00', manual, type sh and don't know everything about it so i was wondering if you guys could let me know about some common mistakes, common problems, stigmas, or anything else that I should know about it. Also my ATTS light is on so what is something I should check or do to make it...
  3. New Members Introduction Area
    Hey all, Just joined the forum. Been wrenching on Honda's for almost 30years now. Still own a BB6 prelude that I love to drive. I'm here because I'd like to get some input from anyone with knowledge/ experience working on the ever fun ATTS system on these ludes. I found a discrepancy between the...
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    Honda vs Toyota round3 (nz)
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1-20 of 59 Results