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  1. Prelude Forum
    hello honda community i really would appreciate some insight on this issue. I have a 1991 honda prelude si with a 2.1L B21A1 and manual transmission. The ecu is flashing code 7 for tps. i took the stock tps off by cutting channels into the 2 rivets. i ordered a tps from blox racing and noticed i...
  2. Cars For Sale
    I don't have the time to restore it to its full glory - the only thing needed is a touch up on the paint (touch up kit included), claybar, and that's about it. Original paint, all stock, manual transmission, clean title... runs well. There is a small oil leakage but that is to be expected from...
    $10,000 USD
  3. Prelude Forum
    I have a '98 prelude that I'm manual swapping and I'm wondering if anyone knows what parts are interchangeable with other hondas, specifically accords. I'm mostly looking at trans parts but other parts would be much appreciated as well.
  4. Prelude Forum
    I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on any particular head bolt sets, or if any ol' ebay or amazon head bolt sets will do? Will be installed on a H22a4. Thanks, cweklund
  5. New Members Introduction Area
    Hello everyone new to the forum,I am a diehard Honda/Acura fan and I’m ready to [email protected]$!ng flip and was hoping someone in the forum could please help me. Long story short H22A1 fully built rods,pistons,retainers,internals,turbo intercooler,oil catch can Hondata s300v3 the works. Anyway I’ve took...
  6. New Members Introduction Area
    Hi, I finally got to do a pull in my twin engine tube chassis Prelude the other day and it was scary and exciting at the same time. It has been a work in progress since 2009 and is still not done yet, but is finally running! Check out the video. The test drive starts at 2:12.
  7. Prelude Forum
    I just got a 00', manual, type sh and don't know everything about it so i was wondering if you guys could let me know about some common mistakes, common problems, stigmas, or anything else that I should know about it. Also my ATTS light is on so what is something I should check or do to make it...
  8. New Members Introduction Area
    Hey all, Just joined the forum. Been wrenching on Honda's for almost 30years now. Still own a BB6 prelude that I love to drive. I'm here because I'd like to get some input from anyone with knowledge/ experience working on the ever fun ATTS system on these ludes. I found a discrepancy between the...
  9. mad hondas

    Honda vs Toyota round3 (nz)
  10. phazed

1-20 of 64 Results