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  1. Eg Si-R

    Eg Si-R

    shopping again 3
  2. Eg Si-R

    Eg Si-R

    shopping again 2
  3. Eg Si-R

    Eg Si-R

    Went shopping...
  4. Sir Project

    Sir Project

    Side View
  5. Sir Project

    Sir Project

    Front View
  6. Ek Sir, Eg Sir

    Ek Sir, Eg Sir

    Both me and my brothers Si-R Projects..
  7. Sir Project

    Sir Project

    New ride...Si-R in the process
  8. Underground


  9. JDMgroupshot


    My car, my buddies ef and my other buddies new Si
  10. JDMef


    Old school and new school Si.
  11. lowEF


    1991 USDM ed6
  12. 1999 Honda Civic SiR

    1999 Honda Civic SiR

    My 99 SiR with C-West N1 front bumper, Enkei RS7 rims in Bronze
  13. Civic_SiR_with_Enkei_Rs7_1-31-03_005


  14. Amber corner

    Amber corner

    Well, these are my custom painted corners. I used a paint called Krylon with a few coats of automotive clear coat.