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    Hi guys, first time on forums so if i do something wrong let me know recently bought a accord and wanted to look into running a turbo on it, only looking for about 6 psi or what would put me in the 200 hp range dont want to push it much further than that for now until i swap out the auto for a...
  2. Mnaifold closeup

    Mnaifold closeup

  3. Merge


  4. front view

    front view

  5. BMW M3 mirror

    BMW M3 mirror

  6. JDM black housing

    JDM black housing

  7. newsig


  8. cockpit view

    cockpit view

  9. Greddy type-s BOV

    Greddy type-s BOV

  10. msd btm

    msd btm

  11. turbo close-up

    turbo close-up

  12. engine bay

    engine bay