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  1. my 89 civic

    the DOHC ZC
  2. DOHC ZC

  3. DOHC ZC

  4. 1988 Civic ZC

    This is what I looked like when I sold it. I put my wifes 96 Civic steelies on it with the wheel covers but they still had the Falken Azenis Sports on them.
  5. 1988 ZC four door

    Very good handling and quick car. It was totally stripped on the interior, had 2000 ITR Shox with TEIN springs in the rear, stock front. Sounds wierd but the thing handled like it was on rails!! A DOHC ZC with 89 Integra ECU, with Cold air intake, 2.25 inch mandrel bent exaust with polished Custom
  6. NewStuff

    Raxles, Tokico struts, Tien springs, OBX header, OBX cat, Optima battery, Centerforce clutch, ZC motor
  7. D16 in G2 CRX

    just to prove that you guys suck and don't know wtf a ZC is
  8. Nose Shot

    just the simple front end on my EJ2 Civic
  9. Civic Tail Light Mod

    My EG Civic's tail light mod - I'm proud of this!
  10. sidecreative

    needs to be washed, sorry
  11. D15a3

    Yea.. it ran 13.8 at 108mph... now it's got a ZC with 300hp... wonder what it'll run? wait 'til next month and we'll know for sure.
  12. LowRed

    Back in the day... when I was rice, and had a D15a3.. that ran 13s ;)
  13. Empty Engine Bay

    before painting it and the ZC swap
  14. Injectors

    Venom vs Stock injectors
  15. MugenHeader

    Mugen Header, this is a true Mugen Unit
  16. Engine4

    Timing side of ZC
  17. Engine3

    Intake side of ZC, Lots of room in this engine bay even with a bigger motor!
1-20 of 28 Results