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Hi, I have been reading and trying many of the suggestions posted but to no real result - I still cannot start the car after letting it sit for 10-15min's

So I thought I would get the Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit: '00 3.2TL, '01 3.2CL (KA)P/N 06161-P8E-A00, but hopefully piece meal in that I would like to get a used or rebuilt ECM and the fuel regulator itself.

I of course have some questions as follows:
1) what is the part number of the PCM in this kit?
20 What is the part number of the fuel regulator in this kit
2) If i were to get a rebuilt unit, how does the immobilizer get updated?
3) are the fuel regulators now being sold from AutoZoe ect, the correct ones for this kit


doe i just have to shell out the big $$ and have Acura do it?

Thanks for all help in advance.

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