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'01 ex 4cyl. Transmission oil change..

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I can find the transmission but not the drain! Where could I find a diagram to do this myself?

I'm convinced that the recent trans problems must be associated with Honda's atz (required) fluid so I'll replace it with mobil1.
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It's right near the corner on the left side looking at it from the front.About 1 feet way . The screw is a little bigger then a quarter with a [] in the middle. It will also have a yelow or blue marking on it from the factory inacation that is was torque before leaving the factory.
I dont think you should use anything other then Honda ATF fluid. Because I was going to use amsoil ATF in my 01 accord and the Amsoil sale rep. told I should stick with the Honda ATF not use the amsoil or anyother ATF fluid in my accord beside the rectamend Honda ATF?.
Geez I was looking there...

I did notice a back plastic cover w/wires coming out of it and I knew to look for the []'s got to be there it was just a quick look on my part.

Back to the fluids I've had fluid failure with with my CRV rear diff so it's not out of the question and subsequently replaced most of the trans fluid w/mobil1 it's been in there for 10k and has performed superbly!

They have fluid problems at honda.
use honda atf.

use the bare socket from your socket wrench to unscrew it. If you're having problems with your tranny, take it to honda first.

i wasted 15 bucks on tranny fluid when they should have replaced my tranny..

I'm on the new one right now... smooth. no more jerking


Glad to hear that someone else knows of AMSOIL. I had a similar happening this week. I recently purchased a 2002 Honda Accord Sedan and I have been using AMSOIL 5w20 Motor Oil but I thought what a great idea to use a full Sythetic Transmission oil as well. WRONG really WRONG Honda Corporate will tell you nothing else but Honda ATF Oil is suppose to be used. That is due to the material the Tranny casing and assembly parts inside are made of. Follow your manual religiously and if your not religious just follow the MANUAL.

If you have a 4cyliner automatic and have had no issue I'd leave it alone. The 4cyl Automatic has been around for along time. It has way fewer issues then the much newer 6 cylinder tranny. The 6 cylinder tranny is taking on alot of torque. Torque is something new to honda. In a generation or two it will likely be very realiable as well. Automatics will always have more issues then manual trannies--they just have more parts that can go bad. I would stick with Honda ATF.
I am using Redline Synthetic Racing ATF. It works perfectly and better than Honda ATF. I have been using it for the last 25k miles. I totally recommend it. I switched mainly because I spray and I wanted a ATF that can operate at higher temp without going through molecular breaking down. Just don't always listen to everything Honda says. They were the ones that told me I needed to replace the wiring harness in my engine bay in order to have my car to stop stalling. The cost of the job was going to be $1300. Well, I went home and investigated more and discovered that is was only a faulty O2 sensor and only costed $140 for the part. I saved myself about a $1k. Honda always says to use their OEM parts, products and services...go figure. :rolleyes:
Well I found the plug and it was coated with 1/8" of grey sludge @15k would expect that... anyway I calculated the percentage of mobil1 atf content per 2.5 qt. changeout:

1.) 38%
2.) 62%
3.) 78%
4.) 84%
5.) 93%

I've finished #2 and have re-discoverd that "new car" tranny whine...sounds real tight....again!

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Honda told me to use 10w40 motor oil. mines a 5sp though
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