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02 Maserati Coupe

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Designed by Giugiaro's Italdesign, the Maserati Coupé joins the recently introduced Spyder and shares some of the soft-top car's styling innovations, such as the more pronounced and muscular bonnet line which gives a hint of the new
engine below, and the new tail-light clusters with clear lenses.

The Maserati Coupé is equipped with the all-new, 390-bhp 4.2-litre alloy V8 engine which powers the car to a top speed of 285 km/h, covering the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4.9 seconds. The Formula 1 style gearshift provides a full automatic option for ease of use, and the advanced transaxle layout with the rear-mounted gearbox in unit with the differential provides optimum weight distribution for ideal handling.

The suspension features arms and hubs in forged aluminium to reduce unsprung weight to a minimum and incorporates front and rear anti-roll bars and anti-dive and anti-squat geometry.

Also available, on request, is the Skyhook automatic damping control system, designed in collaboration with Mannesmann-Sachs and a world first on the Spyder. This adaptive damping system uses six acceleration sensors to detect the driving conditions and automatically adjust the aluminium dampers to suit the road conditions, and responds 10 times faster to inputs than conventional electronic damping systems.

The Maserati Coupé is available with both manual 6-gear transmission, and electro-hydraulically activated 6-gear transmission with gear changes controlled by microprocessor. The Cambiocorsa gearshift gives the driver the choice between an extremely sporty manual gearshift (with two sports settings available) or Full Automatic. In both cases the clutch is automatically activated by the electronic management system integrated with the engine control.

The new 4,244 cc 90° V8 engine is especially compact and lightweight (just 184 kg - 405 lbs), and boasts a highly evolved, race-bred design. This new V8 is the first of a new generation of Maserati engines designed to combine performance, torque, efficiency and low emissions in compliance with existing and future regulations.

The transaxle layout means that the gearbox (a newly designed, manual 6-speed longitudinal gearbox) is at the rear in unit with the limited-slip differential, guaranteeing an optimum weight distribution and handling balance. This set-up provides greater stability and cornering poise and also provides maximum traction for searing acceleration take-off.

4.5L V8 makes 390.0 bhp @ 7000 rpm and 333.0 @ 4500 rpm. 0 - 60 mph 4.8 seconds.

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whats the price tag>?
Nice car, but it sure doesn't have the wow factor like the old Maseratis from the 50's and 60's had.
the styling doesn't tell you that it is a fast car... not for me.
divinewisdom said:
whats the price tag>?
Maserati in Times Square

Modena, 13th december - In New York and exactly in Time Square, 1500 of Broadway, from the 10th November 2001 to the end of March 2002 there will be a big advertising panel which announce the return of Maserati in the USA. 14x14 meters, high 200 m, illuminated from the sunset to two o’clock in the morning. Here in Time Square on the 31th of December, the new year will be celebrated. Approximately 1,5 million person every day visit this square and pass in front of the Maserati logo and of the new Spyder which competes with a poster of the most trendy musical of the year: The Producer which is represented just around the corner at the St. James Theatre. The previous Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, has declared his intention to welcome at the Maserati in the USA visiting the big Billboard. The event is expected for the beginning of the new year. The official return of Maserati will be at the Detroit Motorshow from 6th to 21th of January 2002, where both Spyder and Coupé will be presented together with sales and services network which have been developped in two years of preliminary works carried out by the American branch. The United States will become the first market for the Trident House taking over about 40% of the total production of Spyder and Coupé. In the USA there is a big expectation for the return of Maserati, the first and only italian car constructor to win the 500 Auto Race in Indianapolis; many historic Maserati cars are held by American collectors. Several events have already confirmed the expectations. The First Maserati to be delived in USA, it was placed at a charity auction in New York, and a buyer, a business man of Italian origin, Mr. Giuseppe Conforti, wanted it at all costs. It was sold for 130.000 dollars , much more than the sale prices on the USA market. Another Spyder has been a guest of honour at once of the most important meetings of the American Club of cigar’s smokers: the Big Smoke, organised by the magazine Cygar Aficionado. A big interest, not just for the chance to smoke en plain air.
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not bad i like it, reminds me of the insights body style in a way, but still the car looks nice
looks like a Aston Martin DB7
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