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Mitsubishi proposes a next-generation relaxation vehicle, saying "We wanted to create an interior that soothes, that heals the troubled mind". The designers' inspiration came from Japanese perceptions about space, as they discarded fixed notions and set about creating an interior space that would be as comfortable as it was soothing.

The seating design encourages four occupants to relax in comfortable ease within generous interior width. Providing roomy space around the elbows, the innovative layout banishes any sense of being cramped.

A distinct Japanese design aesthetic utilizes indirect lighting and semi-transparent sun visors to bathe occupants in a soft light. The pillar-less center-opening doors and flat floor enhance front and rear seat access to reduce stress levels further. The exterior is a futuristic mono-form shape with low-and-wide stance, which expresses the designer's Sporty & Elegant aesthetic statement.

The Space Liner was concieved to be powered by a fuel cell sysytem, but it is just a (not running) mock-up. This was designed and built by the same teams as in the case of the CZ-3 Tarmac. These two projects started in May and completed within only five months.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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