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02 Pontiac Bonneville G/XP

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These pics will take a while to load, atleast for me they did writes:
With its clean, sleek lines, powerful form and enhanced supercharger, the Pontiac Bonneville G/XP show car brings the tuner ethos of today's small car performance and appearance trends to the realm of the full-size, luxury-performance sedan market.

The G/XP takes the Bonneville SSEi's supercharged V6 powertrain to a new level, with a KN- air filter system, Corsa Performance cat-back exhaust and an increased boost to the supercharger. The result is an impressive increase of 30 ponies from the SSEi application, to 270 hp in the G/XP.

In line with this boost in horsepower, the G/XP's ride height has been lowered by 1.5 inches for a ground-hugging appearance. This performance attitude is further accentuated by 19-inch wheels and larger cross drilled and slotted brake rotors with Baer coated calipers.

Painted in a tri-coat metallic, Dark Argentinean Blue finish, the exterior appearance is marked by smoked headlight and taillight lenses, Xenon fog lamps and windows that are tinted to the legal maximum shade. The clean exterior design takes in an integrated, flush-mounted spoiler, along with new front and rear fascias, exhaust tips, rocker moldings and a new taillamp design.

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goods very good to me, wonder what that price tag is...
pix didn't load :(
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