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my friends civic has an odd problem. you know the push button on the shift knob which has to be depressed in order to shift out of park, and that the brake has to be pressed to release the lock on the button, right? well, his locking mechanism clicks on and off by itself. most times you can put the car into reverse or drive without pressing the brake. he says it happens most of the time if the a/c or stereo are on.

anyone know what this could be?
automatic transmission have alot of electrical shit going on man. they shift automatically and what not. that whole thing could be cause by something electrical. like it may not be getting the right amount of voltage to operate that feature because the stereo and or a/c is on. ive seen that before when a ladies battery kept dying. she would crank the car. have the radio/defrost/ head lights/ and dome light on and her car would shift out of first gear until 5500 rpoms... tell him to check the electrical. check the battery and the alternator. they may be faulty or going out. cause the wrong voltage it may not be able to perform that specific operation.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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