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03 McLaren F-2

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No official words have come out for this project, but nonetheless there's pix and info. Here we go; with a weight of no more than 1500 lbs and an 8.0L V-16 This baby will be making a ridiculous amount of horsepower. How ridiculous? How about 1532 poonies! Now you ask about torque? Well... how about 1539 ft lbs of tq, is that enough? If that doesn't impress you, lemme tell you about numbers. The 6-speed manual will fire this rocket to 60mph in 2.2seconds. The 1/4mile will be roughly around 7.9 seconds. Top speed: 276mph! wtf? Price: $2,379,300.00!!!! Oh yea, I think I forgot to mention something... ALL WHEEL DRIVE

this came from which is an affiliate of

the f'n jet wing is for some serious top end speeds, but dont worry, it's only for testing. I'm sure they'll make something nicer for a production, if it ever goes.

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OMFG thats SICK...didn't think that they were goin to make that car anymore but hey why not...everyone loves that car

Hey man, can I borrow a couple mill? I'll let ya drive it on the weekends :)
sure, here's a million, while i'm being so nice, here another million, go buy yourself a nice home ;)
rumorsHG said:
sure, here's a million, while i'm being so nice, here another million, go buy yourself a nice home ;)
while your bein so generous...can i have another 100k for the sales tax here in Mass? :p
If you guys don't mind, I'll have to throw up! That thing looks sick!
9K, why didn't you post info on this?

sheesh, making me look like a fool

It is an old pic. The car pictured was featured in Hot Rod magazine years ago. It has a supercharged and injected Lexus V-8. I believe running on methanol.
Buahahahahahaha thats funny, i mean im sure its faster then hell yet i think the car isnt very attractive looking
1532hp wouldn't be street legal, would it?
tron said:
1532hp wouldn't be street legal, would it?
if u have to ask...then its probably illegal :D
street illegal???
since when is a lot of power illegal???

if all elements of the car are approved, then why wouldn't it be???

can't think of a reason why power output would make it illegal (unless there's some emission probs...)

but hey: I'm not an american... I live by a different set of rules ;)
did anyone else notice that it has 12 exhaust pipes? 4 coming out of each side and 4 coming out of the back?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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