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03 Rolls Royce

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straight from

The first Rolls-Royce to be offered under BMW ownership was caught running through the hot North American desert regions during development testing. Although heavily draped in camouflage, nothing can hide the distinctive grille, the commanding size, and the sound of the all-new V-12 engine that characterize a modern Rolls.

BMW will officially take the reigns of the prestigious marque on January 1, 2003, and clearly has a distinct car prepared for the auspicious occasion. Exclusivity and prestige are ensured with production limited to 1000 units. Assembly will be conducted at the Goodwood, U.K., plant, although other componentry will be manufacturered in Dingolfing, home to the BMW 7 Series.

Test-vechile pic:
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What MT was that in man? the most recent one?
Danman1116 said:
What MT was that in man? the most recent one?
online article my friend, i think Jan's issue though
ahh gotcha...i just get the mag so i usually don'to go on the site :)
bling bling.
I thought Rolls Royce made reliable, well built cars. Why is BMW taking over? :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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