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Under Ford's wings, Aston Martin is developing a new small sports coupe in tandem with the Jaguar F-Type. Both cars will be engineered through assistance from the growing Ford empire, including safety systems from Volvo and climate systems from Lincoln.
While many invisible components will be shared between the two British marques, key elements such as powertrain, suspension, and styling will be distinctly different. The shared platform will be aluminum intensive, as will the body. Power will come from a modified Jaguar AJV8, enlarged to 4.2 liters and producing approximately 320 horsepower.

Aston Martin's mid-engine project was scrapped not too long ago. The new boss, Dr. Ulrich Bez, reportedly feels a true A-M layout should always have the engine in front driving rear wheels. While brand appropriate, this creates a fresh challenge for the engineers tasked with creating a car to rival the Porsche 911.

This new Aston, expected to debut in calendar year 2003, will offer an "affordable" entry at an estimated $100K, permitting more automotive cognoscenti to savor the A-M ownership experience.

Here's a sketch by Motortrend's Mark Stehrenberger
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