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04 BMW Z1

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Here are exclusive pictures of the new 1-Series small rear wheel drive BMW. The concept will be unvieled at the forthcoming Geneva Motor show. This £15,000 challenger is to take on the mighty VW Golf & the Audi A3 to name a few. Due out in late 2004 (UK) & cabriolet version due 1 year after that. The new 1-Series is to become the cheapest BMW ever & shows the design stratergy that BMW is going, as you can see lots of design features have been carried over from the X-Coupe seen last year.

As predicted last year the Cabriolet & Coupe versions will be called 2-Series & be identified by the following badging; 216i, 218i, 220i, & hopefully a 240Bhp M-Power M2 at around £25,000 at todays prices.

Only 4 seats will be offered but Coupes will feature fold down rear seats to extend the boot capacity to approx. 1000 Litres. Classic front engine & rear wheel drive layout promises a car that will handle as well as it's other larger "brothers & sisters" giving it a distinct advantage over its rivals. The interior will feature motorbike like instrument binacle & use leather & aluminium in it's main design. The SMG gearbox (as seen above) will also be an option. the cars weight should not exceed 1100kg against the Golfs 1400kg. The 7-Series iDrive will also feature on the options list.

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i dont like that at all.....shit and you think bmw would release sumthang better:p
Is it just me, or are BMW cars getting more ugly?
cloud7 said:
Is it just me, or are BMW cars getting more ugly?
it's just you! haha, playing cloud, playing. I dunno man, I think they're looking better and better. ppl were knocking the new 7series with the looks, but I dunno? I think it looks incredibly aggressive yet extremely luxurious
I guess you can't say they are not original on their styling...
dont' like the z1 as much as the z5...this one is just um weird looking
The rear lights remind me fo the RSX. As far as the 7 series is conerned, at first, I was disappointed, but now the lines of the car have actually grown on me. I like it.
S2000 taillights look great, this is merely a blob of red in a weird shape
This looks scary :p

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It looks like its ready to eat a nice juicy hot dog. mmmmm... Hot Dog....*munch*

oh yeah, ran better times this past weekend.
More like any Audis it sees in it's path hehehe:D
UCRaccordV6 said:
the rear lights look like s2000

haha i noticed that too
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