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04 BMW Z2

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BMW have given the green light to the creation of an all new 2-Series, positioned between the new Mini & the 3-Series Compact. The new model will be a sharply focused sporting small car that looks to the classic 2002, the 60's model that made BMW's reputation as a builder of class-leading drivers cars.

The decision makers at BMW must now determine if the new car, likely to be a 3 & 5 door hatch, & possibly a coupe, is is to be driven by the front or rear wheels. This has properly already been decided, although BMW denied it at last weeks tense Munich press conference annoucncing the departure of Rover & the sale of Land Rover. "It's all up in the air - it's far too early to be talking detail," one source told us.

However, we have learned that the idea for a 2-Series took hold in January, when the BMW board gave chairman Professor Joachim Milberg just 2 months to stem the Rover losses. Milberg knew that it meant either selling off Rover or closing it down.

Either way, BMW needed a new small car, wearing BMW badges, & positoned above the Mini & below the 3-Series Compact. The only option was to build the 2-Series BMW as a sister car to the R30, the jointly developed small Rover/BMW due out in 2002.

Unfortunately we won't see the new 2-Series until 2004. Unless it is a reskinned R30 - but highly unlikely.

The new car sets out to enhance BMW’s special position as a premium brand. It may use some component parts from the R30 (Rover project now axed) & will be an entirely different species.

Possibly powered by 3 different engines. The 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder direct injection. New engine is still under construction, that may use new technology including a carbon-fibre magnesium block that permits very high revs & strong Bhp. Rumours sugest the 2.2 six makes 240 Bhp & close to 180ib ft torque.

Possiblility of using all alloy body to keep the weight down, with a target weight of under 1000kg & under 4000mm-long with Z-Axle rear suspensionused on the Z1.

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nope yet another bmw i dont like
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