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yeah, the wife have a 05 TL base model auto. She need rear pads. This will be 1st time having her rear brakes done since we bought it new. Could I have her rotors turned & just install some pads or should I replace w/ some oem rotors/brembo blanks. They're squeaking now. If I can just have her rotors turned what 's a decent pad I can buy over the counter pepboys,autozone or advance auto?

Another ? I have is. We have 105K and some change on the TL. I know the timing belt service reminder suppose to come on letting u know timing belt service needed. Well ours haven't yet. Exactly at what mileage ex.105K is the service suppose to come on. The dealer want like $1850 for timing belt,water pump, change plugs & adjust the valves. Have ne 1 had their valves adjusted while having their timing belt done. It's some other things they said we need but not getting done yet.I'm not going thru dealer ne way.

Thanks very much
advice appreciated
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