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i currently have a new '08 accord, fully-loaded, with color navi

i have a planet audio vx900d mono-amp powering (1x) JL W6v2 [400RMS]
and a o2 2-channel amp powering (4x) aftermarket speakers and (2x) factory 'tweeters' mounted by the side-view mirrors

i took out the center channel subs so to allow the bass from the JL's to travel through that hole, which i must say, sounds very clean with VERY, VERY little rattling...... not as much as before when the bass in the trunk was sealed tight with no opening space for the bass to travel

so anyways...... i'm getting this stranger humming/buzzing noise coming out of the front 2 tweeters when the stereo system is off, or when its playing at a very low volume when i disconnect the tweeters.... the "noise" is gone, and nowhere to be heard of my installer and i suggest we re-route the tweeters to be fed by the factory radio power lines (which will be done this coming Monday morning) 'cuz the amp might be causing some kind of interference?

i'm running a couple of hi-2-lo's ...not sure how many

my friend suggested i get a sound processor.....
such as the audiocontrol LC6? or JL CleanSweep?

what is everyone's opinion on this matter?
any suggestions?
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