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i97supratti said:
The 97-98 5th Gen accords have 195 HP. The 99-01 have 200 HP. It is the same engine, what makes the 5 hp difference? I am planning on getting a 5th gen lude and I see a 98 Type SH locally listed for $11k, which isnt bad. But I might wait for a 99-01 Base or SH because of the extra HP and the mesh grill that the 97-98 does not have.

For my Accord LX, all you have to do is change the intake manifold of ur F22A4 to the F22A6 and you get the HP that the Accord EX has. Is it the same way with the 5th gen luds?
the header supposedly gave the 5hp increase. there have been tests done on each header and they are identical in design. all 5th generation preludes usually dyno right around the same hp as well. imo, honda claimed that the 99 and up model gained 5hp so the car would sell better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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