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I brought accord and zo6 there this morning and had her aligned. They have a really advanced machine that is way better than bear alignment or even some other shops who don't calibrate theirs correctly.
Tomorrow I'm going back to get some work done on the GT2 .
These guys really take care of everyones cars. And there is always a pack of cars there. And somehow ken always seems to finish them as promised.
I just wanted to give a shot-out to these guys. As a customer myself, i know how important it is to get cars done in a prompt manner, without paying a arm and leg for it. But more importantly they do their shi t right the first time. If they ask do ask how you heard of them, tell them george sent ya!!
Check them out ..:: Impex Motorsports ::..
They are very experienced shop, especially with JDMs
Here's just some of the cars they've worked on for me:
E46M3 SC,
Lotu Exige S,
996 GT2,
C6 Z06
Accord EX
VW R32

Thanks for reading on my post.
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