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nosgsr said:
NOS is prob the best kit on the market for the price. i like the NX kits nozzles a little more (but not $250 more). stock internals should be fine with a 100 shot ( just like ZEQS posted above) as long as you upgrade the igniton and fuel. i have the NOS plate kit . i've been running a 80 shot for quite some time now with no probs. i just installed the 100 shot jets but haven't had a chance to run it due a tranny problem. tuning wise i run 2 step clder plug(ngk bkr7e) and 100 octane gas w/ the 80 shot. that wass good enough to dyno 223.5 hp and 223 lb/tq to the wheels and run a best time of 13.3 @ 102 on a set of small 22 inch slicks. shooting for mid 12's with addition of the 100 shot kamikaze header and type r cams. also with th 80shot i ran 15 degrees timing ( NOT RECOMMENDED UNLESS USING RACE GAS AND LOTS OF TUNING) and with the 100 i'll be running 12 degrees.
Dude, that's some pretty decent numbers. What else are you using on your setup?? Are you using a progressive controller?? Any piggy?? I'm asking cuz I'm still toying with my dp on 80 shot. My valves cracked a little while ago, so I'm just waiting for those to come in the mail and get my head back on. But after that comes back on, I wanna tune it. So I was wondering what you used in terms of tuning wise for fuel??
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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