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$125 TAKES IT!!!!!

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$100 TAKES IT !!!!!!!

tring to sell some shit. i have a set of clear corners for 92-95 civic 4 door, i bought them to put on my civic but they sent me 4 door and i have 2. i also have chrome short ram intake, got the AEM cai. finally i have clear and red taillights. i bought them used ,all clear and painted them half red. will sell all for $100 shipped.

tried to shange the subject to $100
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hey! you said that you have an AEM Cold Air Intake?!!??!!?!??!

if thats right and you selling it let me know

i'll buy it to you , if its a good price and condition

thanks let me know
i think you selling the short ram becuz i just bought the AEM cai.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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