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the last 2 couple races that i had gotten into
were pretty serious rush at high speeds on the freeway
i raced a audi tt quattro
and a corolla sr5( at a different time and location)

i beat them both flying at 130 mph.
i had well over a car length ahead of them both

it really boggled my mind that i ripped the audi a new ass crack
and we both had each lane to our selves so he had an opporunity to pass

so did the corolla sr5
{corolla looked like an mr2 }
but you can imagine what the car is , for those who doesnt know what an sr5 looks like

but when i would hit 130
my abs would turn off
i would ignore it at the time of the race, cause my race still wasnt over

it happened both times when i raced those 2 cars and both times i hit 130
then the ABS would turn back on when i would shut off the ignition and turn it back on

now why would it that my ECU would turn off my ABS at 130MPH??

but i have to say this..:D what a f*^&(king rush 2 am in the morning pulling a buck 30

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accordsibling said:
its trying to help you get killed, it knows not to go 130 at night.
gee, thats funny ,
but anyways, brake system still worked
just the pads and rotors worked overtime
since it turned off
got really hot and mushy
but my brakes never worked it best till then

beating that audi was 60% driver
50% car

:) some math huh?

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audi's really aren't that fast... i know you're talking about a tt quattro, but i've driven my mom's 2001 A4 1.8T quattro and it's pretty quick, but honestly not a whole lot faster than my 5th gen... it's damn cool to try and do a burnout with a 4 wheel drive car though... and the sound of that turbo spooling *drool*.
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