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16inch Lightweight Black or Gunmetal rims

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Hey guys and gals, I am looking for some 16inch black or gunmetal (if they have a silver lip thats even better) rims that are lightweight - 18lbs or less. If anyone knows some rims that fit that criteria or ones that just look nice but might weigh a lot let me know. Any suggestions are welcome! :)
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I thin ki found some actually, what do you guys think about the Konig GreenLight Slate's?

...I hope the picture worked
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if ur not afraid of gettin flamed like me cuz they are spoon look-a-likes... go get the 16" Rota Slipstreams... 14 lbs a peice... plenty of colors too... and the best part.. THE PRICE 500 for a set shipped to ur door.. :D
I think Kosei makes a Black rim with a machined lip.
try this link...

Its the racing and ask!
The rota slipstreams in gunmetal look niiiice.
They look like the regamaster rims and spoon rims which are alot more expensive then the rota's
don_rapheal said:
try this link...

Its the racing and ask!
Those are heavy, 19 lbs. for 16".
OR if u dont want the SPOOTA's slipstreams u can get the other rims made by ROTA called the C8's.. but then again they look like the MF-8's by MUGEN...

hopefully my check will come in soon so i can get my tires on the slips i have rite now... they look oH sO delicious already.. can wait to put them on.. :D
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