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The build is as follows:

Bottom End
  • Stock Y7 block no guard or anything
  • 75mm Vitara Pistons
  • Scat H-beam Rods
  • ACL Race Bearings All-Around
  • OEM Y7 Oil pump Ported and Shimmed
  • D16Z6 Crankshaft

  • Refreshed Y8 Head
  • BC Springs and Retainers
  • Comp Cams 105300 Cam
  • Y8 VMS Variable Cam Gear
  • ARP Head studs
  • Nippon Racing MLS Headgasket

Turbo Setup
  • MaxSpeedingRods "GT3076R"
  • SPA Turbo Cast Top Mount Manifold
  • CX Racing Intercooler Kit
  • Treadstone TR11 Intercooler
  • Turbo Smart 38mm Wastegate
  • MAC 3 Port Boost Solenoid
  • 3" Downpipe Out the passenger Bumper with wastegate tied in

  • Walboro 255lph pump
  • K&N Fuel Filter
  • AEM on Rail Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Fuel Injector Clinic 775cc Injector
  • Shell 93 Octane

  • BKR7E plugs Gapped to .022
  • Stock Old Distributor and Plug Wires
  • Rotella T6 15w-40 and K&N Filter
  • P28 ECU With s300 v3

As soon as the car got on the dyno it threw a code 9 (No. 1 cylinder position (CYP sensor). Tuner said it was a common problem with running OBD2 Distributors on OBD1 ecu's but, the car hasn't thrown the code in months of daily driving the car. He bypassed the code and the car ran fine with no misses. Once he got to doing power pulls he said the car wasn't responding to more boost/timing and that something was holding the car up. Seemed like it could be cam timing so they double-checked and everything seemed good. Adjusting the cam gear only made less power. After a while of trying to figure it out, we had nothing and came to the conclusion that the setup just wasn't efficient and just won't make the power. Even then they thought it should make more than that at that boost level and said that the manifold is choking it up and the china turbo just isn't efficient enough.

From my understanding, these setups are making closer to 300whp at that boost level. I was wondering if anyone had some insight on what might be causing this issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

The dyno is a 4-hour drive so I want to make sure I actually fix the issue before I waste a whole weekend going back.

Pictures of the setup as it was at the dyno and dyno sheet:

View attachment 141702
View attachment 141703 View attachment 141704
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