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I have (4) BRAND NEW ICW racing akunin wheels with (4) BRAND NEW Khumo 711 tires on them. I have under 2000 miles on the wheel and tire combo, they are in great condition, but my eclipse blew up, and my new civic only has 4 lugnuts :mad: If anyone is interested in them here are the specs and prices

5 lugs on 114.3mm
+46mm offsett(spelling?)
225/45/HR17 Khumo Ecsta 711 tires

$500 gets you everything including wheels,lugs, tires, locks, and center caps

Oh by the way the rims are painted with a polished "deep dish" lip the tires are mounted on the rims and they are balanced also.
If anyone is interested leave me an email at [email protected] or if you see my online my aol name is Yomamma750 if U email me or something ill give U my phone number and ill be posting pictures as soon as i get the film developed.
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