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if i get 17" rims will i have to get anythign else besides tires? i dont plan on lowering quite yet.....will the tires rub? also what about the bolt patterns and that crap?
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You won't rub with 17's at stock, but you will look like a 4 X 4 :p

As far as the bolt pattern and offset I was told they (Discount tire) would handle it all. I'm dropped on Neuspeed sports and yet to rub or scrape.

But, I will be slamming my car down and when looking from a birds eye view over the wheels / car, I think I may hit the fender if I go to low :(

I guess I should look into rolling the fenders. Sorry, I am ranting on and on.....
151 Proof said:
It's a good idea to get better brakes for your car when you change your rims. I'm going to go for the EBC Rotors and EBC Green stuff.
Why is that if you are not into racing? He didn't say he wasn't, but what would new wheels have to do with better brakes?
Kloth said:
"drop your car first"
Even though you did not ask for this, I was also going to say wht is stated above. 17's on stock height is not too good looking!! Unless you plan to drop it shortly after, but I still would get the suspension done first. It's what I did late last year :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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