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18 rubbing questions

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Can anyone tell me if 18's with a tire of 215/35/18 on a drop of 1.8 (after settle) and wheel offset of 45 will rub on a 95 (4th gen) Prelude?

Thanks Guys
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I have a 45 mm offset on my wheels and a 1.8" drop and I have no rubbing. I wouldn't go any lower than a 45 mm just to be safe. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the heads up crudelude...

No problem! :)
You'll have no problem.

I'm running 18 X 7.5" rims with a 1.75 drop and 215/35/ZR18 tires and have experienced no rubbing. My rims have an offset of +42.

I have 18's on mine and the're fine. Only with 225/40/18 that I have a problem with.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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