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18"wheels HELP!

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i just bought 18" wheels for my car, now what tire size do i go???HELP!
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how wide are the tires? the sidewall height depends on how wide the tires are. If you get 35 series tires (which should be what you get with 18s) the tire height would be 35% of the width of the tire. if you have really wide rims, you might want to go with 30 series tires, or if your rims are narrow, you should go with a 40 series tire.
225/35/18 if you want to go bigger
As far as width of the tire is concerned, if your wheel is an 18X7, a 215 will be fine. But if your wheel is 18X7.5 or wider, I'd recommend going with a 225 width tire, for added lip protection from road hazards and such. What offset are your wheels anyway?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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