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195 / 60 14" Falken Azenis ok, or should i get new wheels and 15"??

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I have a '96 Integra RS that I bought used. The previous owner had replaced the factory steel wheels with a 14" alloy wheel. The tires are pretty bad. In November I purchased a set of 15" Konigs with snow/winter tires mounted. These are currently on the car.

In a few months I plan on doing a little suspension upgrade and 17s. I know 16s would be better a better compromise for auto-x, but I just like the look of 17s better for the street.

So, I will need a dedicated auto-x wheel/tire setup. I could purchase the 14" Falken Azenis for $44 each and pay another $80-$100 to have them mounted to my existing wheels.

Or I could purchase a 15" set of Rota slipstreams or Kosei K1 Racing and the 205/50 Falkens mounted to them. Someone is willing to buy my 14s as is for about $100. So it's still a few hundred more to do the 15s. Is the extra 10mm of width and corresponding reduction in sidewall height worth it?

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yup, it is. I went to the 205-50VR15 Azenis on Koseis. My old setup was 14" oem alloys with the 195-60HR14 Azenis. Its certainly worth it.
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