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I went out partying and left my ride outside in the cold of friggin North Dakota, and now I cant start it. There seems to be a strange gas smell around it, kind of rancid and all i hear is the car try to start but it wont turn over. No matter how much i try to crank it, it just wont start. I towed my car back to my garage and have been trying to start it but no luck. Its got gas, new plugs, wires, alternator belt and fuel filter. It has had starting problems but it always sparked up, now it just wont do that. I pulled the plugs out cleaned them and replaced them, the only items that are messed up are the O2 sensor and the Coolant temp sensor. I left the car in the cold during the night and would not start the next morning. I had the car towed to my garage and let it warm up and any fluids that were frozen to thaw out. After replacing the plugs there now seems to be a detonating sound coming from the engine, every time i crank it as well as two click sounds. HELP!!! this is my daily driver and i'm screwed without it!.
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