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I guess the Japanese 89 is US 90 car, anyway this is super low miles.

This is not my car, ran into it when looking for an early 90's Integra.

From the article:
1989 Honda Integra XSi with only 59K miles
This 1989 Honda Integra XSi is said to have only 59k miles from new and looks to be in really nice condition inside and out despite missing OEM wheel center caps. The Japanese market range topper, XSi trim offered 160 HP and an 8,200 RPM redline from a 1.6L VTEC twin cam. Mated to a typically excellent Honda gearbox and with equally sharp handling, these cars are a ton of fun to hustle and cost virtually nothing to run–even this import shares most parts with US spec cars. Car is at Japanese Classics in Richmond, Virginia for $9,995.

16 pictures and full article

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