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1990 Accord EX Front speakers

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I was wondering what my options are for the fronts. They are 5" and Polk is the only maker of 5" that I know of. What are my options that are within the do it yourself limit. thanks
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You MIGHT be able to squeeze a 5.25 into the space with a little work. You could also check out for a set of Q-Form kicks. They offer one for your car by the way. Simple to install and better imaging and staging than your stock locations.
Hope that helps you out some.:)
6.5 inchers............

I have cerwin vegas 6.5 inchers in my fronts. They seem to fit fine for me with the exception I had to saw off the back speaker bracket cause the magnetic was to big, but other than it fit fine and I like it. At first I did know how to do this so what I did I just the speaker in without the brackets and threw those away 2 years ago. My window would row down and hit the magnet part partially. then I found out you can saw off the bracket so I had to buy a OEM part for 2 bucks a pice and did and I'm glad cause I hated going through drive thru and my window would only row down 80% of the way :p
what i have on my 93 accord is probably what will work with a 90 accord....... I bought Rockford Fosgate FNP-2514 a 5.25 mid with a separate tweeder...... i had to modify to fit it in.... but it was easy, it took me an hour and half for the oneside and the other side took me 10 min.... I can tell you more about it .... just post up
Thanks guys for your help

I'm going to take a look at the speaker placement myself. If anyone thinks that 6.5" will be a problem, let me know. Fry's has the Polk 6.5" DX6 for only $60 at the stores. I'm going to buy a couple sets for my other car too. As for the rears, I can finally put an affordable, good sounding set of 6X9's.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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