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1990 Accord Issues

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I've been working on an 1990 honda accord that a buddy of mine bought for $850 at an auction. We're having issues with getting the power windows working (they won't roll up or down, switches tested good), door locks don't work (missing lock control unit as previous owner ripped it out), both rear tail lights don't work unless brake is pressed (don't work when headlights / parking lights are on, and have replaced both of the black boxes that sit on the tails), And retracting seat belts don't work, and what is the green harness that runs under the passenger seat go to.
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For the windows did you see if you have power to the switch, then if power is going past the switch when needed?

For the tail lights did you check the fuse? People usually don't do this untill they replace everything else and it still doesn't work, I'll never understand why. I bet your gauge cluster lights don't work eather. They share the same fuse, the seat belts might be off that fuse to sence they are all constant power accessories.

The green harness is probably to the seat belt buckle sensor.
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